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to Produccions A LA CORDA

What is it?

Produccions A LA CORDA is a music production company that provides options and empoyment accessibility to professional musicians. From the base of freelance musician, dedicated to work in different artistic aspects, produccions A LA CORDA builds up an artistic network accessible and close to all kinds of clients and freelancers.

Produccions A LA CORDA works to innovate and develop the management and organization of any type of project or event that requires musical or artistic services, making production and expert advice, professional and quality.

Produccions A LA CORDA has the essential purpose that Music and Arts reach all areas of our contemporary society.

What services do we offer?

CELEBRATORY services: wedding ceremonies (religious and civil), cocktail parties, birthdays, music entertainment and funerals.

COMMERCIAL services: catering, private parties, musical marketing, fairs, musical matinées & soirées, wine tastings.

ARTISTIC services: art galleries, exhibitions, openings, vernissages, exhibitions, presentations, entertainment and cultural events, poetry recitals. Furthermore, collaborations with theater, cinema, short films, documentaries, soundtracks, videos and artistic performances.

MUSICAL services: recordings, musical entertainment, live concerts and musical projects for auditoriums, cultural centers and private entities.

PEDAGOGICAL services: educational projects and workshops aimed at raising musical awareness and instrument lessons.  [ Look NOW! Tallers Musicals ACTUALS].

How do we do it?

CLOSENESS and EXPERIENCE. Produccions A LA CORDA is a nexus between music and the CLIENT– there is direct contact between both entities. We have been engaged in music for years and we continue to work in different areas in musical advising, so clients can trust and truly be satisfied with the music that is included in their events. Alternately, we appreciate the professionalism and hiring of the musicians that are involved.

A MULTIDISCIPLINARY CONNECTION. Produccions A LA CORDA feels that music is an art that is adaptable to many events in our society. We offer music services in order to connect different areas that may require and be enriched by the presence of musicians and live music.

PERSONALITY and ADAPTABILITY. Produccions A LA CORDA is composed of freelance professional musicians from different areas and styles. Groups may be classical and modern with a varied repertoire and adaptable to the specific event – they always offer professional, quality music.

MOBILITY and QUALITY. Produccions A LA CORDA provides the possibility of both national and international mobility. However, due to the universality of music and the wide network of musicians everywhere, we prioritize the hiring of local professionals while respecting an optimal degree of musical quality. Check availability.


What else?

Produccions A LA CORDA is still working to expand our range of approaches and activities.

If you would like to shape any project or idea that may require the presence of music or musicians, do not hesitate to contact us.

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